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DeckTop - Steam Deck Keyboard Accessory

Original price $69.96 - Original price $79.95
Original price
$69.96 - $79.95
Current price $69.96
The Decktop is a keyboard and trackpad you can mount to your Steam Deck!

  • Steam Deck Keyboard: Lets you mount your steam deck to a keyboard
  • Battery Pack: Dual cinch straps allow you to mount a battery to the Decktop's Back
  • Trackpad: Has an integrated trackpad 
  • Multicolor Keyboard: Fully customizable Rgb lighting 
  • 360° Swivel: Steam deck mount can be swiveled 360°


Invensic’s DeckTop lets you mount your Steam Deck to a bluetooth keyboard. The DeckTop has a trackpad which allows you to control your pointer. The Keyboard has low latency so it is perfect for portable gaming on the go. The swivel allows you to turn your Steam Deck 360 degrees and position it in a variety of angles. The keyboard has a variety of bluetooth color options who’s brightness and color can be customized. 


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