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Onewheel Handle - Retractable Dual Onewheel Handle System

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The Onewheel Handle is a set of retractable handles that allow you to pull your Onewheel instead of having to carry it. 


  • Convenient: Lets you not have to carry your Onewheel and instead roll it on the ground. 
  • Dual handles: Two sets of handles provide four points of contact which provides excellent tilt control on uneven terrain.
  • Retractable: Handles are mounted to spring loaded reels which retract under the footpad  when not in use.
  • Fast: Handles can be quickly and easily used and put away.

The Onewheel Handle lets you roll your onewheel on the ground instead of carrying it. Each handle goes under each footpad. This ensures other onewheel accessories still work with your Onewheel. Each handle is attached to two spring loaded reels which allow you to pull the handles out from underneath the footpad. Two sets of handles are included, as this provides optimal control over the Onewheel and prevents tipping. 

To access the handles press on to either side of the handle. This will pop the handle out so you can hook your finger in the handle area and pull the handle out all of the way. We recommend using both handles at once for optimal control over the Onewheel. Once you are done with the handles let both go and the springs will pull them back into the footpads. 

Patent Pending.

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