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PS5 Mini Steering Wheel

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The PS5 Mini Steering Wheel attaches to your controller and makes driving more fun!


  • Improved Driving Experience: Connects to your PS5 controller and allows you to control the left thumb stick using a small steering wheel
  • Smooth Action: Through using dual high performance bearings, the PS5 Mini Wheel rotates smoothly and re-centers itself automatically
  • Quick Setup: Clips on or off your controller in seconds
  • Accessible: Wheel height allows you to access the R3 button and a hole in the top of the clip allows access to the USB port while using this accessory


PS5 mini wheel lets you attach a small driving wheel to your PS5 controller. It has two high performance bearings which allows it to rotate smoothly. Additionally the wheel returns to center when not held, much like a real steering wheel. The mini wheel has a 1/2" clearance under the right side of the wheel so you can access the R3 button's horn. The Clip itself also allows for access to the usb port and has a quick release latch.

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